Addiction Therapy

Learning more about addiction is the first step toward recovery, a step that is crucial in beginning of a successful addiction treatment program. At Coconut Grove Recovery, we can give you the information and tools in order to learn how to overcome any substance abuse or chemical dependency issues you may be faced with.

A life free from addiction is possible and begins with seeking help in order to restore your life. At Coconut Grove Recovery, our clinical team have been treating alcoholism and drug dependency for decades. They will develop an personalized treatment plan for any individual in need of detoxification, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, or treatment for co-occurring mental health concerns.

While best determined by a professional, some of the most common indicators of addiction include:

• Drinking/using alone
• Denial of drinking/using
• Memory loss
• Fatigue
• Impaired relationships
• Missing work/school
• Daily use
After the completion of a clinical evaluation, our team can refer you to the program that best matches your specific needs. With a variety of treatment levels available, including inpatient detoxification, day treatment and residential treatment, Coconut Grove Recovery provides a spectrum of treatment options to address addiction at any stage.

Effective treatment for addiction means that the treatment team at CGR gets to know you as a person, not a patient. Every substance abuser has a unique set of circumstances, thus there are a lot of factors that are considered when alcohol or drug treatment commences. Coconut Grove Recovery provides referral inpatient detoxification services for drug and alcohol addiction, allowing you to begin the process of recovery immediately.

We’ll work with you to answer the important questions regarding your addiction treatment. To help facilitate that learning process, Coconut Grove Recovery provides intensive, structured addiction treatment services for adults in all stages of addiction. We offer a range of treatment options not often found through other treatment providers

Our treatment approach uses elements of 12-step programming in order to educate patients about addictive illnesses and support the recovery process. We invite our clients, their families, and referring treatment team members to contribute to developing the individual’s long-term treatment plan. Family members are an important part of our treatment approach and the recovery process as a whole.

Prior to admission, prospective patients must complete a free screening that is reviewed by the program’s attending clinician, to determine what level of care will best meet the needs of every individual.